Wednesday, 26 November 2014

review 4th december - group submission - porto

we'd like you to present:
- all the completed 'elements' drawings from Porto. These should include a short caption/title which explains what each drawing is attempting to investigate and/or illustrate; what methods have been employed and what conclusions you might draw.
two examples you could look at (both are I think in studio just now) Steenburgen's book on 'composing landscapes' which uses drawing as a research methodology, and old favourite 'seven partly underground rooms and buildings for water, ice and midgets' -  captions as enigmatic poetry?
Adopt a common tactic and apply....
- the final room/elements study you made, which was the room in the photography gallery. Design and make a means of presenting this model.
- the incomplete site model. You decide wether or not to make this model central to your physical presentation (i.e. move it from studio to review space for the duration) but if you choose not to, anticipate what information your critics will need in order to understand the context in which you are/will be working....and make sure that's readily available! post-rationalise the method you've adopted to make this model and consider presenting the model in that context - e.g. what does the model illustrate? topography, infrastructure, building form- landmarks and 'artefacts' lastly 'connective tissue'....what doesn't it illustrate? and what else, which you regard as important, do you need to find alternative ways to illustrate...either for this review, or later?

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