All constructed architecture is 3-dimensional and therefore 'material'....the materials used all have their own dimensions, properties and characteristics....influencing both the form (through the potential to span for example) and the character of the spaces made. 
"architectural matter...stands as the boundary between inside and outside and unites in itself all architectural cultural and atmospheric factors....this is the paradox of architecture: although "space" is its first and highest objective, architecture itself occupies the "non-space" with the material limiting the space....architecture obtains its spatial power and its character from this material"
Deplazes - The Importance of Material, in Constructing Architecture pg 19

+ form (not to be confused with 'shape'):
" form and matter, shape and material, the physical realisation of formal ideas.....whatever organisation or material ideas we may pursue, however complex architecture may be, our work as architects is evaluated by its formal result, that is to say its form...."
Chipperfield - Form Matters,

"frictional resistance":
We might think of the design process as a dialogue between the inherent properties of material, and the intent of the designer - does a brick really 'want' to be an arch?
" all material has a shape regardless of a forming will. An artifact raises the question: how did it gain its shape? ....This question focuses on the intent, on a range of criteria carefully chosen by the designer....composition is not an inevitable result. Within the bounds of a logical solution there always exists different options"
Deplazes/Elsener - Constructing Architecture pg 10

"the work of Art is a result of the concrete and purposeful Kunstwollen (artistic will), that asserts itself in a struggle with the purpose, the material, and the technology....these three factors....form the coefficients of friction within the resulting product"
Riegl - Late Roman Art Industry in Moravanszky - Flows and Frictions, the Resistance of Material.

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