strategy and detail

"any project begins with an interpretation of the specifics of the programme and a response to the place we are adding to, either as a series of sketches or a model exploring a building form. A dialogue then begins about the 'feeling' of the project, its material presence and its language of construction. This method is useful because it provides a framework in which to take decisions and a structure that can be referred to. We understand 'strategy and detail' as a manual for negotiating our way through the development of a project"
Lessons Learnt from Alison and Peter Smithson, Jonathan Sergison 

You will quickly discover that plan drawings are of limited use when working with sites defined by the complex geometries of the existing fabric and topography. We will be working simultaneously with strategic ideas about form and organisation in the a 'distant' scale of 1:200 or smaller.....and at an 'intimate scale', that of the body and its interface with the fabric of building, no smaller than 1:20. 

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